Appointments and Contact

Appointments are available at most times including evenings and weekends. The adult session requires 90 minutes to complete and costs $180. Exceptions apply to the elderly and to children who require less time. Please allow at least 24 hours advanced notice to schedule or cancel an appointment since it affects the schedules of other people.

The most efficient way to schedule an appointment or answer questions is by phone. Please call us at the number shown. We can also be reached with the email contact on this page.

Comfortable clothing is required for the session because drapes are not used. Men typically wear exercise shorts and no shirt. Women typically wear exercise clothing such as a sports bra or tee shirt and jogging shorts or sweat pants. Other clothing combinations work just as well. Please avoid denim and thick or tight-fitting materials.

We are available at:
3010 West Swann Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609