How Athletes Benefit From Rolfing

Rolfing for Athletes Improves Posture and FormAre you an athlete who wants to take their training to the next level? Are you looking for anything that will help get you there?

As an athlete who’s experienced some type of muscle or joint soreness, maybe even an injury or two, you may be tired. This soreness may be showing in your performance now, but it doesn’t have to.

With rolfing for athletes, you’ll have another way to help your body heal. You’ll also be able to take your game to the next level. These athletic benefits are why you should take some time to get to know more about this therapy.

Rolfing for Athletes Improves Posture and Form

With this therapy, you’ll be able to improve both your posture and your form. You’ll learn how to make the right choices when you engage your muscles and joints in movement. This education is beneficial because you’ll create a formation pattern that doesn’t allow for complete healing once you’re injured. However, through the specific manipulations used here, your fascial tissue is released to function normally again.

Besides the hands-on work you’ll experience, your therapist will also educate you regarding preventive measures (e.g., new ways to move). If you’re a runner, this may mean modifying your gate to perform better and not re-injure yourself.

Rolfing for Athletes Helps with Over Training

Sometimes over-training occurs. The definition of over-training is not giving your body enough time to recover since you’ve last trained or competed. Sometimes this will result in fatigue that’s both physical and emotional. This type of fatigue can result in a loss of focus and performance. You may experience less desire to compete, loss of motivation, and a lowered mood. When you start feeling this way, you’ll need to take some time to rest. You’ll also need soft tissue rehabilitation to help life return to your muscles and connective tissues.

Rolfing for athletes helps you regenerate healthy soft tissue. It works by releasing any restrictive connective tissue patterns while enhancing your hydration and your muscle’s circulation. This therapy will help free your joints so you can regain full range of motion – something that will make your movements more efficient.

Now that you can see how beneficial rolfing for athletes is, you’ll want to reach out to Williams Rolfing in Tampa Bay, FL. Take some time to set up an appointment with us to see for yourself just how beneficial it can be.

Picture Credit: Crello