Tested And Suggested By Garth

Minerals & Vitamines:

These nutrients are probably important, although there is much debate about their importance and if supplements work.

An interesting commentor on the subject is Dr. Joel Wallach. His videos, podcasts, interviews, and books are extensive. He has something to say about most health conditions and promotes his own expensive line of products. Search for “Wallach” + your specific health concern. Of special interest are his solutions to Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure. His company is called Youngevity, the products are available on Amazon, and are from a “tiered marketing system” (ie. a “Marketing Pyramid”). Some people say the products work as claimed and others say their health concerns did not change. Some people claim they are dangerous. Everyone agrees they are too expensive.


Zappers are devices that claim to use electrical current to support our health. Hudla Clark is the creator of the original Zapper and her research was a contribution to the research of Royal Rife. Modifications by Don Croft lead to the miniaturized and convenient forms called the “Basic Zapper” and “Terminator Zapper”. The healing claims are incredible and possibly preposterous. They are available at WolfCreekRanch.net. and can be purchased with a convenient Velcro strap. Cloth butler gloves are sometimes used during sleep. Wright’s copper cream can be used to clean the contacts.