What Are The Benefits Of Rolfing Therapy?

Rolfing is not a new practice, but in recent years it has seen a renewed interest from people looking for solutions to chronic aches and pains. Originating in the 1940s, Rolfing is a form of therapy that has been utilized for decades. If you’re suffering from chronic tension and stress in your body, you might be looking to try alternative solutions to the more popular massage therapies and exercises.

Here are some of the benefits of Rolfing therapy for people suffering from chronic aches and pains.

Rolfing Addresses the Whole Body
Unlike therapies such as deep tissue massage that focus on particular areas of concern, Rolfing therapy aims to address the whole body. Rolfing massage seeks to ease tension in the entire body by working to alleviate tightness in the fascia, or connective tissue. While some people may have specific areas where they have muscle knots or tension, others may be experiencing chronic pain throughout the body. Rolfing massage is suitable for people who are experiencing full-body pains as well as those who are suffering from muscle knots and tension in specific areas.

Long-Last Relief
Rolfing therapy can bring long-lasting relief because there is a focus on structural reintegration. Rather than focusing on massaging an area of the body, Rolfing realigns and reintegrates your body. This creates structural changes within the body that can last much longer than a regular massage and provide long-term relief. Rolfing focuses on removing tension from the fascia in the entire body, which can undo months or years of chronic pain and stress.

Rolfing is an Intense Therapy
Rolfing could be the perfect choice for people who are looking for intense and long-lasting therapy. It can take intense pressure to manipulate the fascia, which is why Rolfing may be more intense than other forms of massage therapy you have received. Rolfing often helps to create a long-lasting change to the body’s structure, so a deeper and stronger pressure is needed to achieve the results. For people looking to get intense therapy or treatment, Rolfing can provide the deeper pressure needed to bring about the desired changes to the body’s structure.

Increasing Energy Levels
You are likely to feel more energetic after Rolfing therapy since your body’s structure and alignment may have improved. Many people suffer from low energy levels and fatigue because of chronic aches and pains. By improving the structure and alignment of your body, Rolfing can help with persistent pain and put you on a path toward more energy and healthier life. Your body will expend less energy when it has been realigned, and the tension in your connective tissue has been alleviated through Rolfing massage.

Want to Try Rolfing?
If you think Rolfing could help you to manage back pain or other problems, consider visiting a registered practitioner in your area, such as Williams Rolfing in Tampa. This therapy could help you to gain relief from aches and pains and improve your overall well-being and energy levels.

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