Could Rolfing Therapy Help Me To Overcome Trauma?

Rolfing massage could help you to overcome traumaThroughout our lives, many of us will experience some form of trauma. When the trauma is physical, it can create long-term and serious problems in the future. Physical illness and pain can also impact our emotional and mental well-being, exacerbating the problem and leaving us feeling more pain than we already were.

When exploring different forms of trauma therapy in Tampa, you may come across Rolfing therapy. Here are some of the ways that Rolfing massage could help you to overcome trauma.

Rolfing Addresses Your Body’s Structure
Rolfing therapy is different from many other forms of therapy in that it focuses on addressing structural problems with your body. If you have experienced trauma such as sexual violence or a severe car crash, your body’s alignment may have changed. Over time, the impacts of this physical trauma may only get worse, and you may find that your whole posture is affected too.

Rolfing massage can help to address some of the concerns by working on the fascia of the body, which is a part of the body that helps to organize our structure. By addressing issues at this deeper level, Rolfing therapy could help you to begin overcoming some of the physical trauma that you have experienced in the past.

Rolfing Can Help with Poor Posture
When we experience trauma, this can impact many of our daily activities and habits, including our posture. You may not realize that you are walking in a different way or sitting in a different position following an accident or other traumatic event. When Rolfing is included as part of your trauma therapy, you can address its impacts in a more holistic way. Since Rolfing massage helps to address your body’s structure, it can help to address any issues and concerns related to posture. For example, people who have been through trauma may hold a more defensive posture or tighten their necks and shoulders more often than others. Over time, this can contribute to further pain and muscle damage.

Rolfing Massage Could Make You More Productive
People who experience trauma are often dealing with physical aches and pains as well as emotional worries and concerns, which can interfere with day-to-day life and make it difficult to be productive throughout the day. As well as seeking mental health support when needed, people who have been through traumatic events should also look at physical trauma therapy like Rolfing. Finding a good package of therapy to help address the impacts of trauma can support you in overcoming challenging incidents and their after-effects. Eliminating some of the pain that you feel from a traumatic event can help you to become more focused, productive, and happy.

Finding Support to Overcome Trauma
If you’re looking for Rolfing massage and other forms of trauma therapy to help you overcome difficult experiences, there are support networks available in Tampa, Florida. You can contact companies like Williams Rolfing that can advise you on the best treatments that may work for you.

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