What To Do To Relieve Pain From Tennis Elbow

some things that might provide some relief from tennis elbowPlaying sports in Tampa can be incredibly enjoyable, but there is always the risk of developing health problems or sustaining an injury as a result. Tennis elbow, known officially as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition that causes pain in the elbow and is the result of overusing the muscles in this area. Since tennis is one of the most popular sports where extensive use of the forearm is required, it’s no surprise that the condition of lateral epicondylitis was given the colloquial name “tennis elbow”.

Tennis elbow can cause serious pain in the arms and elbows and can impact many daily activities for people who suffer from this condition. There are some things that might provide some relief from tennis elbow, and we’ll look at some of the options you can consider.

Avoid Using the Muscles
Resting your arm and avoiding using the affected muscles could be one of the fastest and most effective ways to get relief from tennis elbow. If you’re still using your arm extensively despite suffering from this condition, you could be making it a lot worse. Although you might want to get outside and start playing tennis and other sports again, it’s very important that you take time to let your arm rest and heal. While you don’t have to completely stop moving your arm, it’s particularly important to avoid activities such as playing tennis, lifting weights, or carrying out home chores that require significant use of your affected arm.

Try Rolfing
Rolfing is a popular treatment that can help with many different aches and pains in the body, including tennis elbow. Rolfing is a treatment that aims to realign parts of the body that are suffering problems or pain. The person carrying out the treatment is known as a Rolfer and could help to unlock some of the restrictions and issues in your arm that are contributing to the pain caused by tennis elbow. This treatment could help to speed up the healing process and provide some relief from the pain.

Cold Treatments
At home, you can try applying cold treatments to your affected arm in order to relieve the pain caused by tennis elbow. Using an ice pack or other cold item, apply it to your arm for around 10-15 minutes three or four times each day. Cold treatments can help to decrease any swelling in your arm – a common symptom associated with tennis elbow. Repeating this several times a day, especially in conjunction with other treatments, could help you to speed up the healing process and find swift relief from the pain caused by tennis elbow.

Get Help with Tennis Elbow Pain
When you’re suffering from pain, finding the right solution is essential in order to improve your quality of life. Treatments such as ice packs and rest at home can help to support the healing process, and you can find additional support in Tampa at places like Wiliams Rolfing to help you recover faster.

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